Holiday Party Photography

Holiday Party photos or any social event, can be tricky but fun! If you’re in charge of taking photos at your next holiday party, Christmas party, birthday party, office party, or any other type of social event, we can help you get better and more interesting event photography shots.


Successful Holiday Party Photos have:
Lots of people arranged into an interesting configurations, for example, a step to one side from the center of the group. This creates a more captivating composition.
Creating jaunty angles give your photos a dynamic and alive feeling.
Sometimes we will tilt our cameras to make photos look exciting a fun!
We may even use props, such as business cards with different kinds of smiles on the back of them and do an impromptu pose, just to name a few tricks to bring the holiday event to life!

How we plan a successful convention photography event:

We typically try to obtain as much information as we can about the venue that we will be photographing by planning a visit prior to the event or interviewing the organizer about the location.  Also, we may request a complete schedule of the event from the organizer so we can develop a tactical plan to best showcase your event.

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