Green Screen Photography

Green Screen Technology will make your next event even more memorable!

How about a great souvenir for your guests at one of your private events? Within seconds of having their photo taken, guests receive a high quality 5×7 photo branded with a logo and supplied in a plain white photo jacket!!!
Guests can immediately download a web quality image to FaceBook, Twitter, or send it out via email! That’s free advertising for your company!
Incorporate the theme or your brand or a little of both to make outstanding event photos that end up as conversation pieces for years.



How we plan a successful convention photography event:

We typically try to obtain as much information as we can about the venue that we will be photographing by planning a visit prior to the event or interviewing the organizer about the location.  Also, we may request a complete schedule of the event from the organizer so we can develop a tactical plan to best showcase your event.

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